Friday, May 09, 2008

More of Miles

As promised, more baby pictures! I have spent most of the last three days at Michelle's apartment cleaning, helping Michelle and watching(more playing really) Miles so Michelle can shower, rest and sleep. It's been so fun watching the little things baby's do. Miles LOVES to stretch and he always has to have his hands above his head. He is so content all the time. Such a easy happy baby. Michelle is doing good except for the inevitable tiredness from lack of sleep.

Miles with the "missionary" haircut. Or as Rachel calls it, the businessman cut.

My personal do for the baby, mowhawk. I think it looks rad. He was laying down in this pic, hence the saggy lip.

Grandma (my dad's mom) with her first great grandchild
This Bassinet My Great grandfather made, the blanket his daughter(my grandma) made for Miles. My grandma, dad and I all slept in this bed. 4 generation family bed. I think almost all my cousins and aunts and uncles have slept in this bed. It gets passed around to whoever has a baby at the time. Michelle added the ribbon and made the bumpers. It looks so cute!

Miles asleep in his bed

Baby Buddha and my mom. He likes to suck his mittens.
He loves to sleep on his arm. Always hands above his head.

Cuddly baby and mommy. Mitten suckage again.

Cute cute baby

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