Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm an Aunt!!!!!!! (Finally!)

Coming in at 9lbs. 5oz., 21 inches long, at 8:55pm on monday May 5th, 2008, we welcomed Miles Alofa Laulu to the Hodgson clan!

Michelle was started because she was a week overdue. She was started at about 10am and had the baby in three big pushes at 8:55pm. She had an epidural and said it was just tough pushing, but everything else went great!

Miles is SO cute!!!!! He has a jet black curly hair (lots of it!), big hands (perfect for sports like his parents), a bit of a cone head, and looks like a white polynesian. That seems the best way to describe it. Not really brown skin, but has his dad's nose and hair for sure. Pic below you can see his hair!

Gramps and Gran loving the new addition!

He only cried when he first came out, and after that he just made little grunting noises that sounded like he was laughing. It was hilarious!

Proud Daddy

Happy Mom

Mom, Dad, Rachel and I went to the hospital about 20 minutes before he was born. Really good timing. Lema's sister and her husband came too. I seem to have a knack for the retarded look in pictures. oh well. I'm an aunt and I don't care how stupid I look!

Flowers we grabbed at walmart. I worked my flower arranging magic with added ribbons, scissors and D.I. vases. Yay for flowers!

It was so cute when he started to open his eyes. The lights were too bright for him and he was squinting so much he looked chinese. He is so adorable I could stare at him forever! Sorry for the wrong camera angle. You'd think I'd remember after doing it 50 times.

Please excuse my insane yodelling voice in this video, but enjoy the cute baby!

This "event" took place about 30 seconds before we left for the hospital. I almost became a patient myself. I was doing the dishes and a pile started falling. A knife fell less than 5 inches from my foot and stuck right into the ground. Rachel was playing with my camera and got the shot. Lucky miss!

Just a note: their will most likely be a flood of nephew pictures until, well forever from now on. You have been warned


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