Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ok, All the vacation pics that I stand to wait to upload. if you click on the link to the right "MY Photo Album" That will take you to every single picture taken on the vacation from the many other camera men/gals other than myself. Please excuse the pics of me in the swimsuit, no that is not a whale in a black swimsuit..............oh the shame...............just skip over those ones. And keep scrolling past the comments, I had to post all the pics over a serier of days, so when you get to my last post, you'll know they have ended. And one last thing, the picture below I would like to explain. We had fast food i.e. McD's Taco Bell, KFC, Burger King, etc at least two meals a day, and you know me the expert master on French Fries being my fav food and all. We got to a Carl's Jr in Arcada, California and their fries were so terrible I didn't even eat them. And for a fry to be bad enough for me to turn down, it has to be one disgusting fry. So, instead of throw them away and have them being a complete waste, I decided to use my artistic abilities, thus, the picture below. Enjoy all the many many vacation pictures! -Bec

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  1. seems how everyone else is getting married, let's be single buddies together, okay? Don't you dare tell me you've met this great guy from SLCC and you hit it off and you're getting married in January. I WILL CRY!!!! You're the only best girlfriend I have that is not married. I'd miss you too much. don't worry, I'm not dating anyone, so we're safe with me not married. After all Spencer doesn't seem interested. :(