Friday, September 08, 2006

I suppose it's time to update. we are all such slackers

Wow, been a long time since I've been here. I figured I was being quite the hypocrite checking everyone's blog daily and not updating my own. I really shoulf be working right now, but I like you guys better than my job, so Hopefully no one see's my screen that I'm not working! Bad I know, but hey, it's friday and I never fell like working on friday's.
So an update on my life would be good I guess. I don't know If I've said this, but you get to hear it again. I bought my Passat, it's dark blue, I love it, now I'm in debt for a year. Gas is very expensive too! I auditioned for the SLCC institute choir "Sounding Joy" and made it,. We have rehearsals mon-thurs 7-7:50. Meaning I get up at 5 every morning now. We sound better than Mads in Cyprus which is fun, PLUS everyone their can actually read the music and all have very good sounding voices. the director is Bro. Allen who is a hoot. He's a trumpet player as well so every once in a while he makes a musicical joke that no gets but me. kinda fun. After Choir rehearsals I go to work 8:30-5, same old doctors office doing billing and such. It's a good job, good pay and good people. i can't really complain. Plus the knowledge I'm gaining frm this job will help my whole life when it comes to anything medical or insurance wise. So if anyone has questions about that, come to me!!! I know how to help you save money on doctor bills!!!!!! After work I rush off to school. Yes me, finally I'm going to College. I am no longer a bum. I have Veterinary Technician class on monday's which I am very excited for, tuesday's is orchestra, but sonce we are so small we get to play with the Taylorsville symphony. We are playing CArmen! so fun. then wednesadays are a day of freedom, Thursdays I go to the temple with Jocelyn and we do baptisms and frm their go to Institute learning about church history. Very fun class. Fridays are another free day(THANK ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY) and then saturdays I have private voice which I haven't gone to yet because of Labor day weekend last week. So I'll have that tomorrow.
Oh, my brother Randy is getting married. The girl that he was writing to on his mission(that he met online) They are getting married December 9th in the Salt Lake Temple. then we are haviong a reception in Magna, then the next week driving to reno and having one there because that's where she lives. She has chosen BLUE and GREEN as her colors. And I am sorry but(Actually I;m not sorry at all for saying this!) They are THE ugliest colors together!!!! I am only looking forward to them getting married so they will move away and I don't have to be part of their lovey dovey drama which is sickening. anywho, that subject just makes me mad, so new subject.
My computer is completely dead this time. My dad even tried fixing it and their is no hope for it. I have to get all the files off my hard drive and then format and restore the flippin thing. Time to buy that laptop, but it will be while before that happens as my car payment takes up my check completely. I have a ton of pictures from my vacation to California to show you all. Mostly of redwood trees, but still cool fun pics.
Well, I can't think of much else to write right now, Anything you want to hear about just leave a comment and I will write. I've got lots of time today, so ya....


  1. yes its the guy i was standing next to at the mingles well it is if hes tall with blondish brown hair now sporting a very piraty goatee which i very muchly like.

  2. Wow bec, it sounds like your life is more busy than we give you credit for! :) So what car did you end up buying? I never heard about it. I'm glad you had fun in cali! I'm going to Virginia next week. I'm way excited! My brother and his wife just had their first baby, so my mom and I are going out to get a look first-hand! Oh, and thanks for posting those pics. It's really nice to have reminders of how much fun we used to have. I'm glad things are going well and look forward to seeing you again sometime :)

  3. I miss you. You have a car now. You should come and see me. We need to go do something.