Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ok, so I've been busy

but apparently so has everyone else considering this is the most recent post. Jeez people. Work has been keeping me busy and stressed latey. I had to take a software class for three days at some place on bangerter and it was a pain. But now everything is back to normal and I'm at work again. I guess it's just a thing with me. I get sick of a job after the first month. And then there is my dad who has been at the same job for 20 years. That'll be me someday. someday.
I bought some shoes online for work the otherday. they have 3 inch heels! Like I need to be any taller eh? but they were cute, size 12, and I had a coupon. What can I say? They should get here tomorrow or tuesday. I hope I don't break my ankle. A girl needs a pair of feminine hels doesn't she? Yes. she does.
I just finished watching greys anatomy. I lolve that show. Desperate housewives is getting a bit dull to me. Nothing happening really. I love the love stories and relationships going on in that show. *if only if only* Lucky Toni Bones. She has the real thing. Well,hold on to it, cause we're all jealous!
Well, I feel loke the biggest loser, I didn't sign up for classes at SLCC. I'm going to call up Kristi or *gasp* Jocelyn and see if they are taking evening institute so I don't have to go alone. Hey, Tony, we should go. Seriously. Dude. I just feel really bad that I've lost touch with so many people that I love and spent three or more years of my life with.Ya know?
Well, Sorry so short, but I need to go to bed't want to fall asleep or anything. Happy week to ya'll. tootles

Oh, Toni, Michelle, go to the diaries blog, I found something you'll get a kick out of.

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  1. 431-90 Doctrines of the Gospel Buckley, Gaylen M. Tuesday Evening
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    130-91 Missionary Preparation Thompson, David YSA 18-25 Only
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    these are my classes I signed up a week or so ago. I'll call you today to inform you that you are going with me to institute.