Friday, January 13, 2006


Yes yes yes........FEEDBACK!

I'm writing a....pamphlet per se(a book is too big) on,"What I wish my parents taught me when I was growing up" A fight between my mother and I started this, and it has just kept growing and growing. I've kept a list for years now on things my parents do that drive me crazy, things I wish they had taight me as a child, and so on. I want EVERYONE'S feedback.
What do YOU wish your parents taught you as a child? What did/do they do that drives you to insanity? I want any and every little thing you can think of. What do you plan on doing with your family(oncee you have one) that your parents never did? Are you going to be a "cool" mom and put candy and capri sun in your kids lunch boxes? or will you make them have hot lunch because you are at work all day earning money for their college because your parents never saved up for yours? I want all the litle annoying things, and input from every angle! If your comment is too long, just email it to me beckydoodledoo at hot mail dot com(no spammers:) I'm also getting kids' input on this at church and work, and neighbors and family. My uncle owns a publishing company and is going to get this published for me. THIS IS FOR REAL!!!!!!! So please, anything you can think of. And I'll most likely use all of it, seeing how I've run out of ideas. And yes, you'll get credit for it. I'll even send you a copy! Now, I need some FEEDBACK! IDEAS! LOTS AND LOTS! THANKS!


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  2. I wish honestly that my parents would have punished me when I did things wrong. I'll stop any mocking before it begins by explaining... My parents never grounded me then never spanked me and they never allowed me disipline. It has taken me 10 years to overcome somthing that should never have been a part of me mostly it is because I had to teach myself that there are consiquenses to my actions. There are numberless other parts of my character that are who I am only because I was never taught any different.
    to take a sort of lesson from this I would imply that while some lacking disipline is good none at all is not.

  3. I wish I'd been told I love you more often or really anytime It took me saying when i was thirteen or so to get it said in my house. and my sister and brother are pretty good at saying to me and each other more normally but its not something I heard alot and could have avoided all problems were having with my other brother. Also my family does not talk about their problems well I got over that a long time ago cause I realized the only way I could deal with my peoblem was to talk them out but my sister and the other brother keep all their emotions and problem to themselves. and if your kid goes running crying to there room after a few minutes go in there and give them some comfort I always wished mine would.

  4. you need to update your freakin blog. I mean toni gets married and nobody updates anymore... what the poo. come on now. UPDATE!!!!