Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Our first camping trip

In September we took a trip to Granite Flats to go camping!!! It rained as soon as we got to the campground. Actually, it POURED. We spent two hours setting up camp while getting soaked in the process. Of course, the second everything was up, it stopped raining. Go figure. Here is our makeshift clothes line, most of our soaking clothes trying to dry off.

I was taking a picture of the Steven when I noticed something on the tent.

Turned out to be a giant tree slug. And when I say giant, I mean giant!!! See how BIG that sucker is?!?! Yuck!!!

He left a nasty slime trail all over our tent.

 He stuck around all morning (little did we know he would be coming home with us.)

We slept in the next day after a rough night (LOTS more rain, enough that it soaked THROUGH the tent fabric) but thankfully it was sunny for our first full day :)

These furry little caterpillars were all over the place. You can't really tell where the head is unless they are squirming around.

Our campsite was well secluded and right next to a river. We had it all to ourselves and got to play around in it all day.

Such a beautiful area.

Our campsite from the river.


 Our tree slug friend ended up on our picnic table later that evening. Nasty little bugger.

 We went on a hike and found a mountain that had had a giant mudslide. Half of the mountain was washed away.

Some gorgeous views in Granite flats


Well, we came home from our trip and had lots of dirty muddy clothing that needed to be washed. While pulling out a load, the detached, washed, TAIL of our friend the tree slug was on a hoodie. I screamed, chucked the hoodie and bolted out of the laundry room. Apparently the slug crawled into our drying clothes on the clothesline and came home with us. He was then washed, decapitated and almost dried. I called Steven and told him he would have to do the rest of the laundry and also fish out the head of the slug from our washing machine. It was way more traumatic than I can type, but I'm over now. I think.

All in all it was a successful camping trip and we had lots of fun!

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  1. yuck! i grew up in washington where slugs were everywhere and i hated them! other than the slug and the rain sounds like you had a great time!!