Thursday, January 12, 2012

My head hates me

I've pretty much decided that I'll have murderous migraines torturing me the rest of my life. I have so many triggers it's insane. Dehydrated = MIGRAINE! Florescent lights = MIGRAINE!! Not enough sleep = MIGRAINE!!! Too much sleep = MIGRAINE!!! Hormonal changes = MIGRAINE!!!! Didn't wear sunglasses outside = MIGRAINE!!!  I could go on forever.

Today I found out my insurance covers chiropractic care and I have 20 visits a year. That, acupuncture and massages are my next choices for trying to find something that works.  Who would have thought some blood vessels pushing on some nerves could cause so much pain!

We'll see if bone crackin', needle pokin', and some stranger rubbin' me down does anything.

In other news, Steven and I were just called as the Sunbeam/CTR 4 class teachers. They are the 3-5 year-olds. I taught this age group years ago in my parents' ward, so it's no big deal. Steven on the other hand might need to start taking blood pressure medication.
Actually he's really good with the kids, (more than I thought he would be actually) Love ya Babe! I am very glad to have a calling with Steven though. Being with him for all three hours is wonderful.

Tonight I have a meeting with someone from the high council to "talk". If it's a stake calling, I'm demanding to be released from the ward calling. I'd prefer to have my brains in an un-fried state, thank you.

I'm limiting my computer time to half hour bursts (why else? MIGRAINES!!!!) so I need to pull myself away as I've already been on facebook, ksl, my email and pinterest this morning.  Ahh, pinterest. I love that site!

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  1. I have a massage therapist who has helped me tremendously. Let me know if you want her info.