Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm an aunt again!!

After about 11 hours of labor, Michelle gave birth to little Eli.  Half Samoan Babies are so cute!  I've been sick with bronchitis since Thanksgiving and haven't been thinking straight, thus not charging my phone, so it died before he was born.  Also my camera could only hold about 30 pictures before it died too.  So it will be a bit before I get any of my own pictures posted.  But here are some gorgeous pictures taken at the hospital for your enjoyment.

Miles loves "baby" and wants to play with him already.  It's adorable to watch Miles with him.  Michelle gets to come home from the hospital tomorrow morning and we'll get to play with this little guy!  Well, after I'm over my plague, then I'll be able to.  Yay for babies!

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