Sunday, August 29, 2010

Salt Lake Temple Exhibit & Temple Square

Steven and I went to Temple Square a couple weeks ago to see the miniature Salt Lake Temple replica. We went on the perfect day. It had just stopped raining and the weather was wonderful.

The replica was so amazingly detailed! It's like they cut off the side of the temple and let you look inside. VERY cool to see.

I had no idea that the corner spires were staircases. But then, how else would they get from level to level years ago? Crazy cool! Now we are spoiled with elevators and escalators inside.

Of course I remember (and most of you will too) this room the most. I spent many a mutual night doing baptisms for the dead at the Salt Lake Temple through my teenage years. Brings back lots of memories. Especially two bishopric members baptizing me who were about a foot shorter than me. You learn to "crouch". :D

I was amazed at the attention to detail of the Celestial room. It looks EXACTLY like this! I love this room for it's beauty and the peace I've felt while sitting in there. I've sat and talked with my mom in here for hours. I love the Celestial room. I've never felt more that we are all brothers and sisters and Children of Heavenly Father than I have while in the celestial room with my family AND many complete strangers. Man, I need to go again! Everyone should, it's a wonderful place to be.

Here you can see about how big the replica is. They have touch screen TV's around the exhibit that tell you about each room and show you up close pictures of them all. Everyone should see this exhibit! It's in the south visitor's center if you're interested!

They have changed the whole upper floor of the building to relate to temples and tell about their history, specifically the Salt Lake Temple. I loved the Angel Moroni and the exterior close up displays.

We walked around the temple for a while afterwards and just sat and stared. Being on the temple grounds is just so peaceful and makes you ponder everything. I love being on Temple Square!

This is the tree my parents sat on the day they were married. Now it's chained off and supported by metal rods, and they placed a chair in front for people to sit on.

The flowers and landscaping are spectacular. I especially liked this cluster of flowers and really want to find out what they are.

We were leaving just as the sun was setting, and the reflection pool was glowing gold and making the temple shine.

I think the Tabernacle looks great since they refinished the roof. And don't forget the sister missionaries! Temple square wouldn't be the same without them. Steven and I "get" to talk to them every time we go. He knows what I mean by "get" :)

I don't think I've had a better time at Temple Square my entire life. Of course it helps when you have someone's hand to hold as you walk through. That makes everything there that much more amazing.

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