Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This years early garden flowers

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Toners said...

My little rss feed of your blog updates so late! Otherwise I'd have told you I love these a week ago! Beautiful pictures, and beautiful flowers! I am so jealous, nothing is blooming at our place yet :(

It was great to see you and Steve Saturday. We will have to double sometime eh? eh? :)

Beckstreet said...

Which browser are you using? Internet explorer's in super slow. I switched to Opera and it's usually right on time when people update.

DOn't be too jealous. These are the ONLY 3 things that have bloomed in my garden. And the yellow on was a weed actually.

A double date sounds awsome! Then Steven will actually have to take me OUT of the house on a date. :D

Toners said...

send me a message on FB and give me yours and Steven's cell #'s. We should do something this summer. Ben and I have a lot of fun places we like to go. :)