Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wishlist #2

Today I was going to post what I'm making everyone for Christmas, but then realized that all but 1 person in my family reads my blog. Which would kind of ruin the surpirse. so I'll show you AFTER Christmas. Instead, you get a list!

I'm a list person. I have lists all over my walls, in notebooks strewn across my room, and lists saved on my computer. I thought I'd compile a few into my second wishlist for this blog. If you missed the first one, go check it it out Here
And if you happen to be rolling in the bucks, feel free to get me anything you think I might enjoy. :)

And so begins the list:

French Style Rolling Pin

I've ALWAYS wanted one of these. I even bought one once, but it came from the east coast, and when it got here to dry ol' Utah, it warped and was unusable. Stupid Climate change....

Exotic Cutting Boards

I love cutting boards for some reason. But they MUST must must be square! The bigger the better too. Wood is so luxurious, plastic just seems so boring.

Forget Me Not Ring

I found this ring years ago and absolutely love it. So sentimental, right? I wish I had one to give to all my friends who have moved away, like a friendship bracelet, but for older/cooler people. I want one myself but am too cheap to cough up the *ahem* $48 for it. I think the most I've ever paid for a ring was 12 bucks thank you.

"Milky Bells" Earrings

Flowers & earrings. AT THE SAME TIME. Need I say more?

Stage & Screen Hairstyles

You know me and hairstyles. Always trying out new ones on Rachel and wanting to break the rules of hair. I think this would aid me in my quest to world hair domination, don't you?

Ice Cream Scoop of Glory

I just think this is the coolest Kitchen gadget ever. I hate scooping out ice cream with mediocre scoops. I think I would actually eat ice cream more than two times a year if I had one of these suckers.

Nike Workout Clothes

I love me some Nike. Super amazing quality, perfect fit for females, and the wicking fabric is to die for when working out. I'd kill for the white volleyball jersey top. Love love love.

Legacy CTR Ring

I have this "thing" with CTR rings. kind of an obsession with them. I think now own...5? But in the past I wasn't thinking and bought them all in the same size so I can only wear them on the same finger one at a time. genius.

Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena

Have you smelled this piece of heaven? Bath and Body works never fails me. First they came out with Sweet Pea (my absolute favorite) and now this. I'll take one of everything in this scent, thank you.

Krumkake Baker

This friends, is a krumkake baker. A scandanavian cookie/crepe type of thing that is DIVINE. Rachel and I have come up with a recipe that is 99% close to the original thing. Now, to have the real baker to make them instead of trying to work with a cookie sheet (which brings on thoughts of murder) THAT would be awesome. I'd make one for each person in Magna. They are SO good.

Embroidered Handkerchief

Again, another thing I'm a sucker for. Handkerchiefs that are emroidered with my initials. They scream feminine and girly. And done in pink? Yes please.


Yes, I tease my hair for volume. So sue me. This thing would save me a lot of time. If it works, that is. We'll see.

Secret Book

You know you want one of these.

Striaght Razor

No, I don't want one of these because I secretly shave off my beard every morning. I cut my own hair, as well as Rachel's & Michelle's occasionally. I love the blunt cut look and layers and layers and layers. This would speed things up by, oh, a million?

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  1. I wish i knew. I just gave my coconut lime to my sister. It smells funny on me. But I think I know what to get you for your birthday. :)