Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gardner Village

Last month Michelle, Rachel, Mom, Miles & I made a day trip to Gardner Village. I haven't been there since I was in elementary school. They always have the cutest little shops full of treasures and ideas. This time I was smart and brought a camera to "borrow" some inspiration.

Miles has mastered the art of walking (and running) and we thoroughly wore that boy out. He walked and ran pretty much the whole time. Grandma (mom) loved playing with him and was always stealing him from Rachel and Me. Basketballs. Literally

I WILL have this teapot. *DROOL*

SO true.

Rachel and I both got these little notebooks. I never leave the house without a little notebook when I suddenly get a strike of inspiration. Love the title too.

Jane Austen. How I love thee.

I can't wait until my next bachelorette party. My next married friend WILL get these from me.

I'm working on making this one right now. awesome quote.

Another cool quote

In the past year my mom introduced me to candied sunflower seeds. They're exactly like peanut M&M's, but the center is sunflower seeds instead of peanuts. I LOVE these candies, but they are difficult to find except in specialty candy shops at high prices. They had every color imagineable and the cost per pound was cheap too. One of these days I'll go and clean them out.

I don't think I could bring myself to eating one of these. Too real looking. *GAG*

Miles was fascinated by the ducks and got super close while we tossed cheerios to them.

I'm going to make this quilt. I adore it. Yes, for ME. I'm still a little girl at heart.

Miles has learned how to copy what MIchelle and Lema do. Here he is doing the lips.

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  1. omg drool over that teapot!

    And I love chocolate covered sunflower seeds. They are my weakness. Well... along with all other yummy foods... lol

    Keep writing! I Love keeping up with you!!!!!