Saturday, May 02, 2009

When nothing comes to mind..

Today is one of those days when you feel like writing, but have nothing to write about. I'll try.

I saw the Wolverine movie today with Rachel at 5 star. I loved it. A ripped Hugh Jackman, mutants, action sequences and good story line. What more could you want from a movie? Has anyone seen the Star Trek Movie yet? I have Trekkie in my blood and am dying to see it but haven't had a chance. I also went to a YSA BBQ which was fun. Oh Tony, Jared is home from the mission in California, crazy eh? He was there at the BBQ. I think he's taller then before.

Having a blog can be fun when you get random comments once in a while like this one:

I laughed at that one heartily.

Tomorrow is the CES fireside by Elder Bednar. He's one of my favorites to listen to. And I have no church meetings so I get to sleep in until noon!! What a perfect Sunday!

This week I woke up on Wednesday not being able to swallow or breathe. I could have sworn it was strep it hurt so bad. I toted myself off to my friendly neighborhood doctor (I have migraines and see him all the time, hence the buddy buddy) and he said it was virus and negative on the strep. Though he stuck me back on an inhaler after being free from them for 8 years. Pneumonia 3 times and childhood asthma had him worried. So my little puff friend and I have been reunited. On the plus side, I can go running again without chest pain and I'll be heading out to the Matheson track every night with Rachel now. All I need is a little angry Kelly Clarkson music on my ipod, my inhaler, and I can run forever. We always go right when the sun is going down and the mosquitoes go to bed. That track is like a breeding ground when they water the lawn.

I'm going to hit the sack after reading a bit. (I'm reading twilight again. No I will NOT tell you how many times I've read that book)

I found this quote online and thought it described me well. Enjoy.


  1. remember that time when I made you run with me to the water tower.. and you almost died... :(

  2. Uh, YES! That nightmare is engrained into my memory forever. *shudder* But know that whenever I drive past the water tower I think of you...while shaking my fist angrily in the air.... :D