Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My cousin Brady was married December 13th to my now cousin Chelse in the Logan Temple. They got married on the same day as my parents and had the same wedding colors. We drove through a lovely blizzard, but it was worth it!

For decorations they had huge champagne glasses filled with christmas ornaments and lit trees all around the room

Rachel manned the camera for a while. I swear she has tremors or something. Every picture she took was blurry. I tried to sharpen this one up a bit so you can see my handsome cousins.

The beautiful black/crimson roses and pine branches for a bouquet

For a favor, they gave out a CD of their favorite songs. They were some GOOD songs too!

The grooms cake, made in copy of Brady's favorite tie

The dessert table was just that. About 15 different cakes, pies and cheesecakes. They were all gigantic and delicious.

The beautiful wedding cake. Always the highlight for me. I'm obsessed with wedding cakes!

My cousin Brady is majoring in Opera performance at BYU-I. He is SO good! This is just his normal singing, but when he switches to opera, he's amazing. I would LOVE to have my hubby sing a song to me at my wedding like this. All his groomsmen were from a barbershop group they were in since high school.

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