Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Some of my favorite things

Where were these things when we were in elementary school, had to walk home = raw bloody chafed nose?

what chicka would not be able to survive without these lifesavers? They can make or break your hairstyle. No first aid kit should be without them! Oh, for you clueless males, these are booby pins. Commonly known for the annoying things found all over the house in corners and small spaces, mostly the floor.

I love swirly, flowery, abstract anything. This is what I doodle when I'm bored or on the phone

Calligraphy/Cursive. So feminine, flowy, fun to write, beautiful to look at. I have a binder of my favorite calligraphy samples. I could write it for a living. (if you paid me enough!)

Lane bryant has heard the answer to my prayers! (Guys:skip to the next one, you won't get this one) All my life I have had the trouble of finding jeans long enough that won't show my socks/ankles to the world. I got used to it. I'm 5'11", nothing I could change.

I always thought the models they must use for female jeans have retarded bodies. Retarded proportions, and just plain retarded. If I want a pair of jeans that fit my waist, they are HUGE in the butt, thighs and legs. If I want jeans that fit my legs and hips, I have to get a pair that I have to wear unzipped. Do they think someone with my size waist has huge fat legs? um, no. I've always had awesome fit toned legs

The jean gods finally gave Lane Bryant inspiration and have heard mine and many other women's cries for a custom fit jean without paying a gazillion dollars. They have three new fits for your body type. I have the "yellow/straight" body type. I LOVE THESE THINGS!!! they fit PeeeeeeeeeeRFECT!!! Lane Bryant, you have my undying loyalty till the end of time. (bows down worshipping)

Pink rubber gloves. No longer do I absolutely despise and detest doing dishes. While wearing these, I only only detest doing it. Protected hands from harsh chemicals and hot water. And they're pink. Righteous.

Sunflower. The flower of the gods. So gorgeous

Best. Voice. Ever.

Cheapest. Prices. Ever.

youtube would not exist without it.

My brothers got me addicted to Ranch sunflower seeds. I used to only be able to have one in my nouth at a time and crack it open. Now it's about 40 at once. Such a good flavor, AND they came from my favorite flower!

Memory Foam insoles. If you don't have these, GET THEM NOW. It's better than walking barefoot. Like getting a massage when you walk. love love love

Modern Day frank sinatra/dean martin/Nat king cole/Perry como all combined into one guys with his own unique sense of style. Being super hot helps too.

I'm a sucker for lists. I make a list for everything. To-do day list, List of favorite movies, list of what baby names I'll choose. You give me a list and I'll write it. No typing either. has to been hand written. I think I enherited this trait from my mom. She's worse tha I am. She keeps a binder of about 50 lists on completely random subjects. I think I'm drawn to the organization of it all, as well as writing. The calligraphy thing again.

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