Friday, February 23, 2007

I have an announcement to make!!!!!!

I haven't had the "guts" per say to let my closest friends know this, or the timing didn't seem right. Tony knows and several people in my ward know, but that's about it. Don't worry, I am NOT engaged and their are no men in my ilfe. I know this is what I should do in my life right now so....

I'm going on a mission!!!

These are the sad unfashionable clothes I will be wearing for a year and a half. (jk) I know this will come as a blow to you all as I have been so against the idea, but I realized it's my mother who made the idea so terrible from all her nagging and I needed to find out for myself. So I did and now it's what I'm going to do. I have already seen my bishop and started on my papers earlier this week. Are you all amazed? breath taken? passed out? good. :)

I know that if I don't do this I will regret it the rest of my life for not sharing the gospel with others who weren't born into it and don't have the chance except by me telling them about it. so how's that for a post?? I look forward to all your outbursts/questions/comments!!! Tell me what you think!!

Oh yes, Michelle and Toni, I have started posting again on the "other secret blog" of ours fyi. nothing earthshaking, same topic as before, but now I have motivation!!! I'd love if you were both in on it with me for support!! You know you wanna!!



  1. Wow. I'm not sure what to say. I guess I can't get married anytime soon. I'd hate for you to miss it. :) I'm proud of you for making that decision, but I'll miss you like crazy!!! Promise me you'll write often and I'll send you fun things and all that jazz. I miss you already. You do realize that I'm going to cry at your farewell...Good luck. You'll be a great missionary.

  2. oh, becca bec! that's pretty freakin awesome. i'm not as confidant as michelle in your ability to do a good job, but i've been wrong before. so how the heck are ya? wait a minute - when are you leaving? are you still going to cali with us? i hope you go to germany. i don't know why. i think you'd kinda blend in for some reason. well, for the record, you're gonna make the best damn missionary in the whole wide world, and i love your guts. you're a shinig example to us heathens (tony and I that is) who should've left like ten years ago. ok, i'll just speak for myself, but still. you know it's true tony! i still love you despite your weaknesses :) i'm not so sure anyone else does, but that's just because i'm speaking for myself. or am i? to am, or not to am - that is the question. maybe i should just write in my own blog instead of the freaking book that i'm encumbering yours with. yeah, pretty much. well, back to becca, i think it's great what you're doing, i just feel a bit shafted that you didn't tell me sooner, that's all. no biggie. it's just me, really. so i guess i'll just go now. all alone in this big scary world. hi mom. ok, i'm gone. i love you more than life. you too, everyone else. but becca just a bit more. she's going on a mission. she'll need my love. actually, in all reality, she'd probably do just fine without it, but i like to think otherwise. ok, i'm gone.

  3. well, thanks for needing my love :) you're the and i love you. something else i love is the song "space travel" by yellowcard. anyway, now you know. it's what i'm listening to. italy or frace, eh? i'd take italy any day of the week! i've always wanted to go there.

    not quite sure what's going on with summer plans. i might just have to find some new friends to travel with :( i guess that's life. i'm happy for you though. i think it's awesome that you're going - you'll make a (fun) missionary :)

    well, there's a long post for you. i hope we can do at least one more bonfire before you go. of course we will! what am i saying...

  4. Wow joe... shut up! :D juuust kidding. Bec bec, when you get back bek bek will be like 2! Yikes! :D She'll be talking and stuff! Wow!