Monday, April 24, 2006

Waahoo! I'm updating!

Ok, I will finally update. Sorry their has been that gap of lack of my posts in your life. I hope your minds have been uplifted and edified by some other source other than by my enlightening musings during my absence.
Anyway, enough with my philosophocal words, on to my normal self. Today for lunch I went to the soup kitchen. The best breadsticks and soup EVER! I love that place! I just had a very good lunch. thought I'd shre that with all of you.
Oh, I'd like to formally thank Michelle,Tony and Joe(and Brit and Julia) for a Very fun filled weekend. It was very fun and I can't wait to do it again.Actually, I think Tony's idea was great about you Orem people coming to Salt Lake and we all ride bikes across Antelope Island. That would be Very fun. can you camp there? I'll have to look that up today. Hey, I even have a blow up boat we could bring id we really want to go on the water.(stinky and yucky) Butdefinately the bike thing, that would be awsome.
My parents have a meeting with the Stake president this wednesday. I am quite curious to find out what it's for. A stake calling pehaps? Just glad it's not me.
Some Guy called in today with a question on his account. and normally we llok up the patient by their account #, but he ddn't have his, so we look it up by phone # and date of birth. This totally rude guy told the girl(I didin't take the call) that he was born in 1910. Sh started looking it up(we do have patients that old sometimes) ad he said,"I was just kidding, Are you stupid or something?" HOW RUDE! I would have punched him if he was standing in front of me if he said that to me. This guy was a toatl jerk. He kept telling her she was dumb for taking him seriously. eventually he hung up. I am so glad I don''t work in a call center anymore. I get about three calls a day now and they are usually to apy off a bill or something. Very noce. i would much rather work with a computer all day than people. better yet, no computers, no people, just animals. puppies and kittens to be exact.That would be my dream job. a vet or a musician. absolute dream jobs.
Tonight my parents are taking us to an LDS artists exhibit somewhere down town I think. I guess he's really famous or something. i can't remember his name, but it should be interesting. Fun filled family night.wahoo.
I think I am going to go to walmart on the way home from work and get some kiwis and gushers. Kiwis are my new favorite fruit. They have beaten the old strawberry fav of mine. I am now a kiwi freak. i eat about 10 in one sitting. Yum yum. and of course gushers, THE best food ever invented. scrumptious. Well, I must be getting back to work now. I had a very nice 1 hour lunch today because i got here quite early. So Michelle Tony, Go buy a bike for antelope island!


  1. speaking of a lack of updating........ its been a little while . Joe has updated since you have.

  2. Update? I miss you!!