Thursday, February 16, 2006

I gave my cat a bath today, he looked like this

I seriously did give him a bath. I didn't realize how scrawny he is. my poor jackypoo. He turns 23 years old next month. he is an old poop alright.
Work has been stressful as usual( yes we've all heard an experienced that a million times) It's getting better though. Becoming better friends with co workers and such. We even got a fishtank in our waiting room this week that is taller then me. it's stinky though.
this past month my jaw teeth and right ear have been killing me. and guess what it is? my good ol' wisdom teeth pushing their way in the world, so, next week I go under the knife and get all the wisdom I've aquired over my life ripped out of my face. exciting eh?
Oh! I have the funniest story from work. My friend Emily that is THE most crazy hyper-active person I've ever met(yes, more than you Toni) walked into our office with her face bright red and flushed like you wouldn't believe. She had walked in on a Dr. in the bathroom. the terrible thing is, we have to talk to the doctors on a daily basis. Can youimagine? It would be like walking in on your supervisor at work. EMBARASSING! We have a shared big bathroom for the employees, so it's not like she went into the mens bathroom or anything. but it's the drr.s fault. he didn't lock he door. oh well, Life goes on. I just feel bad when she has to go talk to him. "hey, nice boxers doc!" sad but funny.
You know what I'm in the mood for?(love, ha ha) no, actually an oreo mcflurry. they are delectible and delicious. mmmm..
Well, I am 75% done with my taxes. Much better than last year when I was up till 11pm on April 14th. Much better. I don't see what the big deal with taxes is. It's not that hard people. just follow the directions and don't forget to turn on your brain before you start.
Well, that Mcflurry is calling desperately for me to safely put it in my stomach. I must go now..Tootles!