Tuesday, July 05, 2005

aftermath of the fourth

Ugh. that is the only word to describe today. For an entire week I ate only healthy food, very little of it, and was feeling great. I still got a migraine, so I now know that food isn't one of my triggers. I practically lived off of frozen fruit and yogurt for a week. Then yesterday came along and ruined everything. we went to walmart, and seeing how I got payed last week, I had some extra cash laying around. Now think, Me+Walmart+Cash=Mayhem. Now keep in mind I had lived off of skimpy servings all week and hadn't eaten junk food for a while. I managed to keep myself under control. I bought gatorade instead of calorie packe juice, hot cheetos(of course), spaghetti-O's(a childhood fav of mine), and applesauce. I didn't even buy gushers. but then, I went to Michelle's BBQ, ate fattening yet tasty food there, came home and nibbled on the leftover's of my families BBQ. Then proceded to have steak and pop for breakfast this morning. And the result is...................>>><<>>><<<>>><<>>><><><. those are all the little knives stabbing my stomach right now. I am extremely, unpleasantly stuffed. well, enough about my stomach, on to more pleasant things.
I got to see Michelle Toni and Joe yesterday! I need to visit them more often. I miss them too much. And I got to meet Dean and Bryant( is that his name?) I forget. It was a fun fourth for me. and I got lots of talk time with Michelle which we both desperately needed. It's not good for one's self to be away from one's friends for too long.
I have a total of seven retarded mosquito bites on my body. I look like I have the chicken pox. I scratched them in my sleep or something, and now they are swollen, red, and very ugly. and they still itch too. What was God thinking when he put them on the earth? It boggles my mind.
Michelle(my sister) wrote on sunday. she was transferred to a new area in the most northern part of the philippines. It's a third world country and all, but guiess what is down the street from her house? a McDonalds of things! they are taking over the world! heck if they joined up with Walmart we'd have a conspiricy on our hands!...........wait a minute...................................Well, I guess that prophecy has already come to pass. I suppose we're all doomed to forever be cursed with McD's and Wlamart taking over the world. Well, I suppose I should go do something productive instead of spend all day online accomplishing nothing. I will leave you wwith a picture of our new BBQ, one to which I contributed towards for fathers day that we used last night. very nice grill. you should all be jealous :)
have a hunky dory day my friends

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